Joe Chacko is my pen name. It’s about two syllables and four letters shorter than my real name. That will save a lot of ink.

Consider me Robert Galbraith with far less ability. Not to mention fans, franchises, money, houses….

In no particular order I am a…

  • Fiction writer (of crime thrillers and cosy mysteries)
  • Doctor (in a really Big Ugly Hospital)
  • Gardener (who likes to wing it)
  • Bass player (in a bi-racial band called ‘White Chocolate’)
  • Stoic (who struggles with living the Virtuous Life)

I’ve written three books, had over a hundred rejections in total but, more recently, had some really positive feedback with my latest, that going as far as an editor at one of the Big Five publishers.

I’m going indie, publishing independently, if for no other reason than that I can produce two books in the time it takes me to collect fifty rejections for one.

I’m privileged to live and work in the West of Scotland. Great country, great people.

Much like that other place, the Bangalore of the Inspector Hari Chatpati and Civil Nuisance Unit.

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