The Tender Coconut Tamasha

“A turbo-charged romp. Cinematically intense and vivid. Crying out to be filmed by Christopher Nolan.”

A vicious biological terrorist attack on the State Parliament.
The birth of an unlikely hero.
A city wracked by rampant misdemeanours.
A high-tech police unit to tackle the scourge of minor crime.
An epidemic of inexplicable deaths.
And it’s all because of coconuts.
book cover
The Tender Coconut Tamasha
2022 Page Turner Book Award Finalist.

BRILLIANT. Taut reading waiting for next one
Inspector Chatpati’s next adventure is eagerly awaited. A new unlikely hero true delight to read.”

Sunaina, Amazon reader

CRAVING MORE TENDER COCONUTS. It’s a proper treat to find a book like this. Chacko blends characters, plot, location and humour in a way that ends up being pure joy and entertainment.”

Smileyjon, Amazon Reader

Editorial comments from publishing industry professionals

I could really ferel the pace and buzz of Bangalore. The setting feels so alive. The writing is sharp funny and astute. The snappy dialogue was often fun to read.”

UK Literary agent

“Refreshingly different. The writing feels very fluid and natural. The setting is just great.”

Editor, Harper-Collins

“Lively. A very likeable protagonist. The plot was cleverly conceived.”

UK Literary agent

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