The Tender Coconut Tamasha

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An Indian cosy mystery.

Inspector Hari Chatpati, reluctant hero of the Indian Police Service, is a man under pressure.

At the helm of the newly-formed Civil Nuisance Unit, he has his hands full apprehending flashers in the park, putting a stop to public urination and deterring dodgy auto rickshaw drivers from ripping off unsuspecting tourists. All of this before the Unit has even gone live.

Ordered to look into a seemingly innocuous case of food poisoning, Chatpati and his loyal CNU officers are led in an unexpected direction and discover conspiracy lurking within mundanity. Their investigation triggers a media storm, leading to chaos and rioting in the city of Bangalore.
Inspector Chatpati’s reputation is in tatters through no fault of his own. His future, and that of the CNU, is at stake.
Can things get any worse for the Inspector and his team?
Will they triumph against the powerful forces amassed against them?”

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Funny and fast-paced crime caper with a coconut flavour!
“This turbocharged romp through the back streets and markets of Bangalore, follows the baptism of fire of the newly formed “Civil Nuisance Unit” under the command of the likeable Inspector Chatpati, an incorruptible, only slightly grouchy hero. The central intrigue is tightly plotted and one set piece scene involving a terrorist drone attack is cinematically intense and vivid, crying out to be filmed by Christopher Nolan or Paul Greengrass.”

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