The Really High Tea

“There’s so much to love about this. If you like Mme Precious Ramotswe, then you’ll love Sub-Inspector Nair. Irreverent, absurd and brilliant.”

Cochin, Kerala. A melting pot of cultures and traditions for centuries.
The Sea Queen Hotel. A luxury establishment serving the well-heeled.
An outbreak of delirious dancing at the fabulous afternoon High Tea.
Sub-Inspector Nair. Ambitious yogic vegetarian hero. With an unimpressive bike.
An abandoned lorry, a missing driver, a criminal conspiracy.
A thrilling finale in the spice markets of Jew Town.

All part of the answer to the question: “What made the High Tea quite so high?”

The Really High Tea

The Prequel to ‘The Tender Coconut Tamasha’

“Better than Wilt or Porterhouse Blues and certainly as good as anything else by Tom Sharpe. Top marks. Read in one setting. And looking forward to reading the rest. The only criticism, Chacko’s descriptions of food are so mesmerising that I was hungry for more. Five stars and then some!”

Steve Bridger, Amazon reader

“Brilliant backstory of SI Nair in the hustle and bustle of Cochin. Riproaring read, with an entertaining plot yet again backfilled with fantastic detail that brings the streets to life for the reader. Roll on the next one!”

Robert Docking, Amazon Reader

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