The Really High Tea

Sub-Inspector Vasanth Nair is in deep. Up to his neck.

Joining the Kerala Police Service against his parents’ wishes was bad enough, but Nair’s refusal to take bribes has upset the happy symbiosis between criminal and police officer in Cochin’s bustling Mattancherry district. Nair’s supervising officer, the corrupt Inspector Kurien, is determined to see Nair fired. Nair’s inability to keep his head down does not help.

When an outbreak of delirious dancing erupts at the afternoon tea service of Cochin’s most luxurious hotel, it appears to be nothing more than a nuisance. It’s not long, however, before Nair is drawn in. Together with his erstwhile colleague and sometime rival, the less principled Sub-Inspector Koshy, the pair cause chaos as they unravel the conspiracy of circumstance that caused the Saturday High Tea to be quite so high.

This standalone novella is a prequel to ‘The Tender Coconut Tamasha’ by Joe Chacko.

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