Featuring India’s first and only elite police unit dedicated to minor crime.

Graffiti, public urination, begging, fly-tipping, flashing.

It’s all fair game for the Civil Nuisance Unit.

The Books

book cover

The Tender Coconut Tamasha

Book 1. Finalist, 2022 Page Turner Book Award

The first book in the series.

Join the Bangalore Civil Nuisance Unit as they try to solve a series of inexplicable deaths linked inexplicably to coconuts.

The Really High Tea

Book 2. The Prequel.

Sub-Inspector Nair trawls through the alleyways of old Cochin, as he investigates an outbreak of delirious dancing during a fabulous High Tea at a luxury five-star hotel.

What made the High Tea quite so high?

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The Case of The Disappearing Dhobi

Book 3. Out 2023.

Dhobi. A traditional Indian washerman/woman.

The CNU investigates the theft of dirty laundry. Why has the dhobi disappeared? And why do the residents of Regal Inheritance Apartments deny all knowledge of the dhobi’s existence?

It’s a grand conspiracy of the unexpected

The Arms of Durga

Book 4. Out 2024.

Inspector Chatpati faces his greatest challenge as a series of gruesome ritual murders plague Bangalore.

Is it the work of human hands? Or has the Hindu warrior goddess Durga really returned to the world to deal justice on the wicked?

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